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Complete Modern Kitchen Kit


A full kitchen in quarter scale (1:48).

Kit includes:

  • 3D printed stove with positionable oven door and 2 oven racks
  • wood range hood
  • 3D printed refrigerator with wood surround
  • 3D printed wine chiller with positionable door
  • wood cabinets and shelves
  • sink
  • 3D printed faucet
  • table (chairs are available separately).
  • artwork for "concrete" countertops (if desired)
  • tips for finishing

The concrete artwork on the cabinets may be used, or the wood cabinets may be stained/painted.

The length of the cabinets positioned next to the wall is 2-3/4" (70mm). The length of the island with the table is 2" (50mm).

The Modern Stove, Refrigerator, and Wine Chiller are also available as separate kits. This complete kitchen set is the best value.

A perfect fit for the Tiburon mid-century modern house kit.