Refrigerator Kit


A quarter scale (1:48) refrigerator for a modern scene. Designed with a shallow depth to take up less space in mini kitchens.

The refrigerator front is 3D printed from resin. Wood pieces surround the sides, top and back to giving it a modern style. The wood pieces may be stained, painted, or covered with the "concrete" artwork that is included in the kit.


  • 3D printed refrigerator front
  • wood surround (may be cut down in depth, if desired)
  • "concrete" artwork
  • tips for finishing

Size: 7/8"w x 17/32"d x 1-5/8"t (22mm w x 14mm d x 41mm t)

The refrigerator is included in the Modern Kitchen Set.

Complements the Modern Stove and Wine Chiller kits.