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Hey, you creative, imaginative, kindred spirit…

you’re reading this because you like miniatures. Or you know someone who likes miniatures, and therefore you feel obligated to understand why people want to create these ridiculously tiny things. Read on and perhaps you’ll gain a bit of insight into this small world, or at least have an appreciation for how eccentric we "miniaturists" can be.

If you’re wondering how True2Scale came about, grab a cuppa and relax for this true tale of miniature scale. Do you remember attending your first miniature show, or seeing your first miniature piece in real life? I was about 12 when my mom and I attended our first mini show. I’m sure that you can relate to the feeling of seeing artisan quality miniatures for the first time. My pulse quickened and my palms began to sweat. I was in love! I didn’t have enough babysitting money to purchase the lovely handmade items that I desired, but I saw that some of the artists offered kits. I was able to buy a few quality kits which helped me to learn about tools and taught me some techniques. These early experiences with minis and later, my experience as a graphic designer, led me to making a tiny set of glitter houses for 1:12 dollhouses. Soon after meeting some miniaturists, I was inspired to make more minis (sound familiar?). However this time I wanted to make kits for miniaturists like you and me; kits that would make your pulse quicken and your palms sweat after you had created your miniature masterpiece!  And then something amazing happened… miniaturists started to enjoy creating the kits and sharing the awesome things that they had made. And that’s how True2Scale was born. Because miniaturists like you are creative, imaginative, kindred spirits. ♡

Let's mini on!

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