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True2scale is a husband and wife team who has been designing and developing miniature kits since 2010. We enjoy combining our skills to create and offer a variety of miniature kits in 1" and 1/4" scales. We are based in Northern California, and sell our kits through our website and at miniature shows in the United States and Europe.

Carol: CMO (Chief Mini Officer). The creative force. Thinker upper. Chocolate eater. List maker. Sketcher. Blogger. Loves: fun purses, new technology, and a lap kitty. Hates dull X-ACTO blades. Often heard asking, “Honey... can you help me?” 

Tomas: CFO (Chief Fun Officer). The supportive force. Traveler. Meat eater. Quickbooks whiz. Envelope sealer. Carol's best critic. Loves a strong espresso and the Packers. Hates snow shovels. Patches up X-ACTO blade cuts. Often heard asking, “Does Delta fly there?”

Together, they are living the mini life in a big way!

Why do we design miniature kits? We wish to provide our customers with experiences. These could include: escaping real life for a fantastical adventure; kindling feelings of nostalgia; and finding confidence in the ability to make something amazingly small! Miniatures, like other art forms, are a vehicle to explore our world and our relationships within it. The allure of miniature kits is that they provide each creator with the hands-on experience of being at the helm of their own explorations.


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