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UK customers: As a result of the new VAT laws, orders under £135 cannot be shipped from this website. Please contact Carol with your wishlist and she will make a custom Etsy listing for you.


Heirloom Roses DecalsDecals are an easy and inexpensive way to add beautiful details to miniature 1:12 (1" scale), 1:24 (1/2 scale) and 1:48 (1/4 scale) settings. Due to their popularity, we've been expanding our line of decals to include dishes, canisters, barrels and more.

When working with the decals for dishes, we recommend adhering them to plastic dish blanks. Instructions for using the decals and achieving a very realistic finish are included with all of our decals. 

Decals are available in 3 scales:
1:12 (one inch) scale Decals and Dishes
1:24 (half inch) scale Decals and Dishes
1:48 (quarter inch) scale Decals and Dishes