Wired Connectors


The perfect solution for extending the length of wires when lighting a project. These also make it easy to disconnect/reconnect the wires when a project is moved, or displayed in areas without electrical outlets nearby.

  • 1 male and 1 female connector per set. The wires are attached.
  • Set includes shrink tube connectors. No need for soldering!
  • Length: 14" (28" 71cm total). The wires may be cut and stripped shorter.
  • These may be used with 12V, 9V and 3V systems; including round wire systems, a 9V battery, and the 3V power supplies that we offer.

How to use the Wired Connectors

  1. Push the small pins of these wired connectors into the holes in the other connector.
  2. Twist the wires on each of the connector ends to the negative and positive wires (red to red, black to black) on the project.
  3. Add the shrink tubes over the twisted connections and heat them with a hairdryer.

Downlaod a FREE LED wiring tutorial

Easily change from a wall adapter to a battery - perfect for transporting projects.

Our wired connectors have a plug in the center that connects using male/female ends.

  1. Unplug the male/female ends in the center of the wired connector.
  2. Twist the wires of the LEDs in your project, to the wires on one end of a wired connector.
  3. Twist the wires on the other end of the wired connector to the jack on the wall adapter.
  4. Twist the wires on one end of another wired connector to the wires on a battery holder.
  5. When you're ready to change the power source, unplug the male/female ends of the wired connectors, and plug the other end in.

To create this setup, you'll need 2 sets of wired connectors, 1 wall adapter, and 1 AA battery holder.

The wired connectors work well with our Base Kit for Lighted Structures. The wired connectors make it easy to extend the wires from the project into a battery holder and switch that is hidden in the drawer under the base. So, no need to plug anything into a wall outlet and it makes transporting the project easy!