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Winter Lullaby Shadow Box Kit - RETIRED

Sorry, this kit has been retired.



NEW! Create a little Winter theme shadow box containing a tiny village of glitter houses. 

A Winter lullaby has put this small village into a deep and tranquil sleep. The moon sparkles above the hills; glittering snow has just fallen. This is a mixed media assemblage which contains beautiful calligraphy, sheet music, fabric, paper, and glitter. 

Size: 3.25" (8.2cm) tall x 2" (5cm) wide x 1" (2.5cm) deep

This complete kit includes:

  • laser cut archival board pieces
  • 3 laser cut cardstock houses
  • artwork 
  • materials to make trees, garlands, and wreaths
  • glitter
  • instructions

Instructions are included for lighting the houses with LEDs. The LED lighiting supplies may be added to your order by selecting them from the dropdown menu located above.