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Christmas Stoves Vignette Kit - RETIRED

Sorry, this kit has been retired.



A 2-PART KIT: Part 1 contains the stoves, wall, floor, lighting and artwork. Part 2 contains the accessories kit (pots, pans, dishes, decals, cookbooks, etc.). The gingerbread cookies are sold separately (see below).


This gingerbread baking scene contains two scales in one vignette! The large stove is 1:12 scale; the smaller stove is 1:48 scale.

LED lights are placed inside of the larger stove to give the burners on the large stove and the oven on the small stove a red glow.

The vignette wall, floor, and 1:12 stove are laser cut from MDF. The 1:48 stove, trim for the 1:12 stove are laser cut and engraved from heavyweight board. Items paint beautifully using spray paint. 

The dimensions of the vignette (wall and floor): 6"t x  5-5/16w x 3.5"d (15cm x 13cm x 8cm)

The dimensions of the stove: 5"t x 4-1/4"w x 2-1/8"d (13cm x 11cm x 5cm)

This Twice as Sweet Christmas Vignette includes:

  • vignette wall and floor
  • large stove 
  • small stove
  • LED lighting (red LEDs, battery holder, battery, and switch)
  • wallpaper and flooring for both scenes
  • artwork for both stoves
  • instructions for assembling the stoves, scene and lighting

The accessories (pots, pans, decals, 1:48 shelf, canisters, dishes) and the gingerbread cookies are sold separately.