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La Boutique Bleue Window Vignette Kit - RETIRED

Sorry, this kit has been retired.



Ooh-la-la! Wouldn’t you like to visit the shops of Paris at your leisure? This 1:12 scale French-inspired vignette kit adds a bit of je ne sais quoi to your collection. The vignette box is laser cut from MDF, which allows for easy assembly and a smooth painted finish. The engraved acrylic window slides up and down from the top of the box, for easy access to the inside.

Everything in the photo is supplied with the kit: shop walls, moldings, engraved window, wallpaper, folding screen, laser cut letters for the signs, laser cut lace valance, and complete instructions for assembling and finishing the vignette as pictured. To assemble the box, you will need: wood glue, acrylic paint (recommended colors are included in the directions), clamps or masking tape, wallpaper paste, and a hobby knife. This is a fun club project that goes together easily. 

This kit includes all of the La Boutique Bleue kits to fill your window vignette:

  •     Forsythia in a French pitcher
  •     Small Eiffel Tower soap display
  •     Soap mold and boxes
  •     Journals and paper shoes
  •     Eiffel Tower decoration
  •     French script table runner
  •     Bird dishes with decals and gift boxes
  •     Reversible pillows 

Electrical components are not included. 

Due to the weight of this item, an additional cost for shipping will be applied upon checkout.