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1:48 Kids' Clubhouse Kit - RETIRED

Sorry, this kit has been retired.



Remember when kids played outside in the Summertime? A popular pastime was building a shack out of found materials. The "clubhouse" was a sacred place for kids to be kids: playing pirates; cowboys and Indians, practicing with a slingshot and playing checkers. Recreate those bygone days in miniature with this 1:48 scale clubhouse kit. It includes all of the accessories needed for this playful scene (well...almost...the dirty magazines are not included)!

This all-inclusive, detail-packed scene contains:

  • wooden clubhouse structure
  • base
  • pull along red wagon kit
  • pirate "ship" with fabric sail
  • 2 ladders
  • train coach seat
  • cable reel table
  • dilapidated fence
  • signs
  • archery target
  • fabric rug
  • pirate hats
  • treasure map
  • slingshot and more.

Landscaping grass is not included.

Note: this is a kids' size clubhouse in miniature (ceiling height is 1-3/16" or less than 5' in real life). The structure may be lit with LEDs.

Size with base: 4-1/4"w x 1-5/8"t x 3"d (10.7mm x 41.2mm x 7.6cm)