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1:48 Gingerbread Wedding Chapel Kit - Structure Only - RETIRING


The Gingerbread Wedding Chapel

The fifth kit in the 1/4 scale Gingerbread Christmas Village series.

The structure has been laser cut from a heavy archival board. It includes pre-made holes for using with the LED Lighting Kit.
The Gingerbread Wedding Chapel Kit contains the structure, base, peel and stick wallpaper, interior and exterior trim, stained glass windows, ceiling beams, slideout attic for access to lighting components (sold separately), icing, trim, and instructions.
Size: 7"t x 5"w x 3"d.
The Gingerbread Wedding Chapel - Interior Kit contains the wood pews and decorations. 

An LED Lighting Kit is available to light the stained glass windows in the chapel. The attic includes a special holder for hiding the battery and switch.

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