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1:48 Gingerbread Post Office Kit - Structure Only- RETIRED

Sorry, this kit has been retired.



Christmas 2015: The Gingerbread Post Office

The third kit in the 1/4 scale Gingerbread Christmas Village series.

The Gingerbread Post Office (Postamt) is a charming addition to the village collection. It is inspired by idyllic holiday scenes: a snow capped antique mailbox, piles of packages containing goodies, and post office boxes which are stuffed with last-minute holiday greetings.
We’ve included a few details that mimic post offices in Germany. For example, yellow is the color associated with the German postal services; yellow mailboxes may be seen throughout the country. The horn-shape cutouts in the attic and door are similar to the post horn; a symbol of the German postal services (fun fact: the post horn was used to signal the arrival or departure of a post rider or mail coach during the18th and 19th centuries). 
The interior of the post office contains a large room with a little alcove, which may be used for positioning the counter and storing little packages (Interior Kit). Tiny post office boxes are found along one wall. The wallpaper has been designed in a yellow, festive pattern that complements the architectural features inside of the post office. 
The structure may be assembled quickly. You’ll learn techniques for achieving perfect icing results using the icing and glitter that are included in the kit. If you don’t want to ice your post office, the laser cut trim looks great as is. 
The structure has been laser cut from a heavy archival board. It includes pre-made holes for using with the LED Lighting Kit.
The Gingerbread Post Office Kit contains the structure, base, mailbox, peel and stick wallpaper, interior and exterior trim, ceiling beams, post office boxes, slideout attic for access to lighting components (sold separately), icing, trim, and instructions.

Size: 5-1/4"w x 3-3/4"d x 4-3/4"t

The Gingerbread Post Office - Interior Kit contains the furniture, artwork, lots of little packages and letters, and oodles of goodies to fill the post office.

An LED Lighting Kit is available to power the light in the post office and to give a yellow glow to the shaped cutouts in the attic. The attic includes a special holder for hiding the battery and switch.

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