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  • Wired connector for LED lighting

Wired Connectors


Product Description

The perfect solution for extending the length of wires when lighting a project. These also provide the ability to easily disconnect the wires from a project when moving the project.

How the wired connectors work: the small pins on the male end of these wired connectors are pushed into the holes in the female connector. Then, the wires on each of the connector ends are twisted to the negative and positive wires (red to red, black to black) on the project. Shrink tubes are put over the twisted connections and are heated. 

Downlaod a FREE LED wiring tutorial

  • 1 male and 1 female connector per set. The wires are attached.
  • Set includes shrink tube connectors. No need for soldering!
  • Length: 14" (28" 71cm total). The wires may be cut and stripped shorter.
  • These may be used with 12V, 9V and 3V systems; including round wire systems, a 9V battery, and the 3V battery systems that we offer.

The wired connectors work well with our Base Kit for Lighted Structures. The wired connectors make it easy to extend the wires from the project into a battery holder and switch that is hidden in the drawer under the base. So, no need to plug anything into a wall outlet and it makes transporting the project easy!

These wired connectors are also great for connecting/disconnecting different systems. For example, if a wall adapter system is used to light a project at home, but a battery system will be used for traveling to a show, 2 sets of these connectors could be purchased. One end of the wired connector would connect to the wall adapter; the same end from the other set would connect to the battery holder; while the opposite end from one of the sets connects to the lights in the project. 

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