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UK customers: As a result of the new VAT laws, orders under £135 cannot be shipped from this website. Please contact Carol with your wishlist and she will make a custom Etsy listing for you.

Joie de Vivre Bookshop

Joie de Vivre Bookshop

Inspired by the Women's Suffrage Movement

The 3-floor structure contains a bookshop, reading room, and a printery. The peacock-inspired wallpapers, flooring, and carpet designs set the tone for the cheerful rooms decorated in the Art Nouveau style. 

Joie de Vivre Bookshop is available as 4 kits:
1. Bookshop Structure Kit
2. LED Lighting Kit
3. Art Nouveau Base Kit
4. Furnishing kits, available as:
  1) a Full Furnishings Kit (complete set; most cost savings) OR
  2) Individual pieces

Layaway plans are available. More info