Creepy Coffin - COMPLETE KIT

Was: $100.50
Now: $75.00

The coffin-shaped display box is completely enclosed to keep out dust; yet it is easily opened. When the box is closed, the acrylic window in the front of the coffin reveals the 3 shelves inside. Black, glittery icicles drip from the shelves. The interior of the coffin walls are wallpapered with tiny, green eyes on a black background. The perfect setting to arrange the optional glitter houses with their landscaping! 

Outside, silhouettes of cobwebs, spooky trees, spiders, bats, a cat, etc. add dimension to the coffin. A slide-out panel in the back of the coffin hides a secret chamber to hold the battery and switch. 

Size: approximately 5.5" tall.

The complete Creepy Coffin Kit includes: 

The coffin, houses and lighting kit may be purchased separatelyThis boxed set is the best value.

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